FrequentlyAsked Questions

I want to buy a house. Where should I begin?

By visiting this site, you have taken a very important step. You can proceed to check out the property listings while considering your need and budget. You may wish to speak to your bank or a realtor to guide you in your choice. Then, proceed to add properties as products in the shopping cart. Check out the payment plan and leverage the most convenient. Then, ensure you accept the terms and condition before you proceed to make payment.

What are the actual conditions of the fixtures in the property?

Our properties are newly built with smart and green designs adorned with premium quality fixtures. In order to keep fixtures in good working condition, the estates will be managed by facility officers, although at an extra cost. But, be assured that our service charge is affordable.

Are there building managers dedicated to the facility/property that take care of the maintenance and cleanliness of the property?

Yes, we have well trained facility officers for your property. We offer full facility and property management services in all our estates. Reasonable service charge is applicable.

What are necessary steps to take in order to acquire a property and pay in instalments?

Kindly navigate to the “Properties” menu bar, and add products to the shopping cart, proceed to fill the payment form. We will respond to you shortly after which you can tick to accept the terms and condition. You can then go ahead and make your payment. Payment should be made within seven days and please keep transaction code secure, as it will be required through the payment process. After 50% payment, a precise allocation will be given.

What is the living condition of the environment?

Olive Crest Estate in Greater Port Harcourt City is on prime location at the Central Business District of Phase 1A of Greater Port Harcourt City. The area has solid infrastructure, flyovers, multi-lane highways and the immediate environment has a golf course, commercial districts within the estate, a modern international school, well secured with state-of-the-art security and armed police escorts. The environment is top class. Meanwhile, the East-End Estate, Owerri is in a new and fast developing area within the vicinity of the Federal Polytechnic, Nekede. It is just 10 mins drive to: the Sam Mbakwe Int’l airport, the polytechnic and the city centre. It is serene, quiet and has lots of provision for safe and quiet living. Our estate here is green, safe and our amenities are cleverly designed to adapt to the community.

What type of Title do the properties have?

Most of our projects are in joint venture with state governments. The Greater Port Harcourt Area has a global C of O over the Greater Port Harcourt Area and we have secured a deed of sub-lease of 75 years which we will give to each of the buyers (Land owners) and a deed of Sub-Lease for 75 years less of time used in construction.) For the apartments (Block of Flats), we provide the Survey and the Deed of Sub-Lease for the outstanding years left in the title. We will also provide: strata survey, the Letter of Allocation and the Letter of Offer. For our East- End Estate project, we have a Joint Venture with the Imo Housing Corporation with a Global C of O of 99 years. We will provide: Sub-Lease or Deed of Assignment, Letter of Offer, Letter of Allocation and Survey. There is never an ownership problem with miscreants over any of our properties.

What are the average utility bills?

The service charge usually covers the cost of: providing cleaners in common areas, common security and mobile security, paying for electricity cost used in common areas and services such as: water systems. Our service charge are based on a cost plus 20% and the service charge budget will be as approved annually by the Estate Resident Association. This is a transparent and collective system. Other payments include: cost of diesel. The cost is actual. We also charge 20% management fee for our estate management services. Overall management of estates will be collective and resident-centred. In the same vein, quarterly statements will be submitted to tenants and landlords in the property.

How are the schools and other public Areas?

Olive Crest Estate, Greater Port Harcourt city has a site for an international school that will cater for crèche, primary and secondary school that can serve the immediate needs of residents. The estate provides police posts, an estate club house for recreation, a fitted gymnasium with grocery stores and salons; squash courts, swimming pool, parks and garden in various neighbourhood, jogging tracks, and a helipad, for private use of those in oil and gas sector as well as a plot for a clinic within the estate. More so, the surrounding neighbourhood has commercial areas for development of shopping malls and offices, although clearly segregated from the residential areas – there are golf courses, a proposed university, and an estate office to attend to residents’ enquiries and to address other management issues. At the East-End Estate, Owerri, there is a commercial complex; supermarket, shop spaces that will provide services – a barbing salon, hair dressing salon, pharmacy, clinic, a club house that has a lounge, bar and kitchen. Residents will enjoy the fitted gymnasium, lawn and basketball courts, garden for events and jogging tracks. The school facilities are within 10 mins of driving from the estate and there are several schools of choice for your kids with an efficient intra-estate transport system.

When will the projects be completed?

The completion dates are as follows: East-End Estate, Owerri (completion will be in stages) – December, 2019; Olive Crest Estate – delivery commences from December, 2018) and the NSE Fair Trade complex will also be completed in December, 2019.

What home can I afford?

That depends, of course—on your income and other financial obligations; carry out a sufficient research on the site, and identify the property of your choice. You can check our payment plan for the most suitable especially if you have a steady cash flow. You can plan based on this and fill in the required details. We will manage your transaction process and guide you until you are able to pay fully for your house. Also, we have provided a range of product options from serviced lands to low cost houses; besides the cost of buying them, we are giving you extended payment plan that is flexible. You can always re-finance through a mortgage and that gives you a longer period that gives you the opportunity to save and buy.

Why Should I buy off-plan?

The merits of buying off-plan are not far to seek. First, our extended payment plan is tied to the off-plan regime. Second, while buying, you can pay in instalments thereby ensuring ease of payment. Also, you can enjoy special discounts (5-10%) and good capital gains (once the estate is completed and delivered).

What benefits exist in group purchase?

As a group of 10 or more, buying 10 or more houses, we will be open to extensive negotiation on further sales discout. Relatively, cooperative societies can take advantage of our huge group discount (view our payment plan on the website) and we are open to discuss specific good deals.

What assurance do I have over your competence?

The developer has a board and management of very successful professionals in the industry and real estate and construction industry who have so many years of experience in rolling out real estate products and the CEO has worked in top notch real estate companies including the UPDC PLC and he has worked as Managing Director at Afribank Estate Company Ltd for 8 years during which a lot of high-brow projects were built and delivered. He has wealth of experience and professionalism to ensure optimum quality for your luxury and comfort. More so, the past president of the Nigerian Society of Engineers is a board member and he brings on the requisite experience in ensuring highest standard in line with global best practices.

Why invest in your properties?

It will be a good investment as our projects are modern and top class. Our facilities are green and environment-friendly, futuristic in appeal with smart technology. Also, considering our excellent management services, your investment can only perform against inflation. Be assured it will command good rental and capital value that comes from a good product that is well managed.

Can I take over the property?

Yes, we provide property management. If you are buying for investment, we can get tenants for your property with management fee at 5% of rent. We can also handle all legal processes. Rents are paid into a designated account and report is given on a yearly basis. We can coordinate maintenance issues and send in a quote requiring approval by the property owner thereby providing an accountable and transparent management system.

What are your inputs in the management of the estates?

We will set up a residents association in which every resident is expected to consider and review issues that has to do with the management of the estate. The developer will appoint facility manager to work with officers of the association, who will approve on issues that border on service charge budget, SLA, service quality delivery and security. Every resident will be involved in the management of the estate and democratically appoint their offices that will liaise with the estate facility managers.